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Oyster HR: Tony Jamous on leveling the global employment playing field

Since the rise of COVID-19, every company has adopted remote work, and our guest's mission is to create a more equal world by making it possible for talented professionals to work from any country they choose to. Tony Jamous is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Oyster, a global employment unicorn that helps companies hire employees and contractors anywhere in the world. Before Oyster, Tony was the founder of Nexmo (2010), a Twilio competitor that was acquired by Vonage in 2016 for $230M. In this episode, Tony takes us through the product-market fit journey of Oyster. Join us as we discuss: - The origins of Oyster in April 2020 as world implemented lockdowns Tony's approach to product-market fit and the milestones and key metrics that gave them confidence that they found it - The learnings that Tony took from his first company Nexmo, to help him build Oyster - The challenges of creating connection across a remote team and how Oyster uses Kona

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