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SessionM: Lars Albright on customer loyalty

Early revenue can sometimes fool you into thinking that you have product-market fit. Startups begin to focus on growth without having solved the core problem their customers are playing them to address. In this episode, we are joined by Lars Albright, a General Partner at Unusual Ventures, where he leads investments in vertical SaaS and fintech startups. Lars is a three-time founder of enterprise software companies, having sold two of his companies to Apple and Mastercard. Today, Lars joins us to talk about his last startup SessionM, a pioneer in mobile loyalty, and even today, powers the loyalty infrastructure for Fortune 1000 brands. Join us as we discuss: - How SessionM needed to find product-market fit with 3 different customer stakeholders - The launch of mPlus Rewards and early traction Why Lars and his team decided to pivot from coalition loyalty programs to enterprise software despite the revenue traction - The challenges of working with fortune 500 companies as a small startup and the lessons Lars took from that time - Lars’ advice to founders who have revenue but not product-market fit

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