February 19, 2020

BluBracket — Securing Code in a Software-Driven World

John Vrionis
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BluBracket — Securing Code in a Software-Driven WorldBluBracket — Securing Code in a Software-Driven World
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Today, Unusual Ventures is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with BluBracket to execute on its vision of securing today’s most valuable and vulnerable enterprise asset — code. We are pleased to lead their $6.5M seed round in partnership with Point72 Ventures, SignalFire, and Firebolt.

BluBracket, the first comprehensive security solution for code in the enterprise, gives companies visibility into where source code introduces security risk, while also enabling them to fully secure their code without altering developer workflows or productivity. BluBracket’s CodeInsights and CodeSecure products give companies the key to unlock software innovation via cloud native, Git, CICD, and open source, while protecting their enterprise infrastructure and valuable intellectual property. With these solutions, companies for the first time can discover and classify code, detect and monitor risks, protect valuable code, and enforce security policies. Founded in 2019, BluBracket has already partnered with dozens of CISOs and CTOs from Fortune 500 companies to specifically design its product suite from the ground up for today’s modern enterprise.

BluBracket’s co-founders, Prakash Linga and Ajay Arora, are seasoned security experts and their track record, combined with their vision made our decision an easy one. For a company at their stage, we’ve been impressed with not only the customers they’re already working with — such as Compass and The Pokémon Company International — but also the recognition of Blu’s technical lead in this important new category, as they’ve recently been named a finalist in the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest. Though the team has consistently shown their deep knowledge both in security and building successful companies, we have also witnessed their ability to be humble students when they participated in the Beta Cohort of Unusual Academy last spring. Both Prakash and Ajay showed a hunger to learn and the capacity to pivot and make changes quickly — characteristics the Unusual Team looks for in every team we partner with.

In today’s digital economy, code is everywhere, driving advances in virtually every industry from healthcare to financial services to consumer products. Ajay and Prakash understood that no security solution will be viable if developers won’t use it and the need to build a platform that will enable the enterprise to keep code secure without harming developer workflow or productivity. The problem that BluBracket is focused on is a tough one, but an important problem we believe their team is best suited to take on. Congratulations to Prakash, Ajay, and the rest of the BluBracket Team!

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