Product-market fit process

To reach product-market fit, founders should test these three parts of their company strategy:

The value hypothesis (the insight)

The implementation (the product)

The growth hypothesis (the go-to-market strategy)

Testing the value hypothesis

 The Unusual Ventures Field Guide is the place to start if you're starting a company. It has many examples, frameworks, and case studies that really help you apply it to the business you're trying to build. When we started Dopt, we literally had some of these guides pinned to our browser as we were going through some of the initial phases of the company.

Phil Vander Broek
Co-founder, Dopt

Unusual Field Guide: 
Step by step to product-market fit

The Unusual Field Guide is a tactical resource with 100+ articles, case studies, interviews, and tools to support early-stage founders from insight to product-market fit.

To get started on your product-market fit journey, check out our guides on:

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