June 22, 2022

Deciding on growth: Why I have joined Unusual Ventures

Alisa Parrett
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Deciding on growth: Why I have joined Unusual VenturesDeciding on growth: Why I have joined Unusual Ventures
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Editor's note: 

I’m incredibly excited to share that I’m joining the investment team at Unusual Ventures as a Vice President, focusing on B2B SaaS investments.

Across the past decade of working at and advising SaaS startups small and large, I’ve realized a couple of core passions, first of which is building business products that users love. People don’t often think of B2B SaaS products as being delightful to use, but my time at Dropbox and other product-led companies has shown me the incredible power of making advocates of your end-users and building a bottom-up model. Delivering a consumer-grade experience for business users improves brand, increases stickiness, and allows you to streamline your sales process. There’s also just something so gratifying about building a product your users rave about and that you’d love to use yourself!

Secondly, I’ve developed a passion for helping leaders make great decisions as they build their teams, cultures, and strategies. In my own career I’ve seen firsthand the numerous and often impossible-seeming decisions that founders face on a day-to-day basis, especially along the arduous road to product-market fit. Every decision is an exercise in balance — between information and intuition, long-term and short-term, big-picture and small-scale — and as someone who has benefitted from having amazing partners and advisors to help weigh those factors, I’m passionate about paying it forward and giving others the same support.

Over the past few years, I’ve often considered taking the leap into VC, but the opportunity never felt quite right until I began talking to the team at Unusual. I was immediately struck by both the excellence and integrity of everyone I spoke with and the thoughtful culture that John and team have built. Their commitment to partnering with and supporting their founders, particularly in the earliest stages of their journeys, is so unique and aligned with my own values and I’m incredibly grateful to be joining a team that cares so much about the people and companies they’re investing in.

I could not be more thrilled to partner with the next generation of product-passionate SaaS founders — if you’d like to get in touch, please reach out at alisa@unusual.vc or on LinkedIn.

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