November 2, 2020

Introducing The Unusual Ventures Founder Portal

John Vrionis
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Introducing The Unusual Ventures Founder PortalIntroducing The Unusual Ventures Founder Portal
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Editor's note: 

Earlier this year, we launched our completely redesigned website that was built on one non-negotiable principle— “Founders First.” At the heart of this redesign was our Field Guide, which decodes the best practices of the most successful entrepreneurs and packages their learnings in an innovative way to help founders win. Though we were humbled by the positive feedback we’ve received from founders, we set the goal to consistently improve our offerings in order to continue delivering on our mission— raising the bar for what early-stage founders can expect from their venture partners. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our brand new Founder Portal.

The Unusual Ventures Founder Portal can be thought of as “mission control” for our portfolio founders, where they can go to get the resources they need. Specifically, we designed our Founder Portal to help Unusual founders:

  • Access recommended vendors and exclusive discounts via our Partner Program
  • Revisit exclusive content from our Unusual Academy sessions, Insight Series, and more
  • Learn about upcoming events and advanced deep-dives with industry experts
  • Get to know the entire extended Unusual family in our private community directory

We understand early-stage founders are busy. Our goal in creating this portal was to make the onboarding process as seamless as possible for new Unusual founders joining our portfolio and to give them access to all of the support and resources they need in one centralized place. We are pleased with the feedback so far:

“As a startup with a grand mission in a competitive space, we appreciate that we can rely on the tight network Unusual Ventures provides via its internal team and fellow founders. The Founder Portal enables us to pick the best partners at the best terms based on recommendations from people we trust. That’s invaluable for a company at our stage.” 
- Till Pieper,
Co-Founder and CEO, CoScreen

"There's a lot of thought leadership in the startup world but very little on the tactical day-to-day. How do you run a board meeting? How do you actually make the offer to a potential hire? The Unusual Founder Portal has put resources together in a way that's easy to digest and discover exactly what you're looking for as an early-stage founder."
- Dennis Xu
, Co-Founder, Mem Labs

As with the website redesign, we know our work isn’t done yet and will continue to seek out new ways to innovate and better serve early-stage founders. To our portfolio founders, thank you for selecting us to be on this journey with you. We look forward to making the portal better with your input. For other early-stage founders, we’d love to hear from you to get your feedback on what kind of resources would be beneficial to you as you get started on your journey—reach out!


Check out the Unusual Field Guide, which provides founders with all of the best practices and tools you need to solve the most challenging early-stage problems

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