June 29, 2022

Introducing Unusual Ventures Boston

Lars Albright
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Introducing Unusual Ventures BostonIntroducing Unusual Ventures Boston
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Editor's note: 

Every journey starts — and ends — with home. For me, Boston is home, and my journey has included multiple successful startups, from idea to exit. It feels appropriate, then, for Boston to be the culmination of my career as a founder, and the starting point as I support new founders embarking on their own journeys.

To do that, I'm honored to open Unusual Ventures' third office, here in Boston, serving the whole East Coast. I'm excited to use this as an opportunity to help other founders now, as they set out on their own journeys. Our purpose at Unusual Ventures is to provide founders everything they need to reach product-market fit and beyond. I’m excited to do that now for East Coast founders: imparting what my partners and I have learned, supporting them deeply along the way, and, hopefully, sharing a coffee or hazy IPA on Newbury Street. 

Unusual Ventures’ passion for Boston and its founder community is much bigger than me. Boston is in our blood, and has been part of the transformational journey for many of us here — 70% of our senior leaders have lived, worked, or studied in Boston. From lifelong residents like Sarah and myself, to students during formative years (John, Wei, and Ryan), Boston is where we all learned, grew, and made the early steps of our journeys. That’s why it means so much for us to now be able to support the next generation of founders here in Boston and the broader East Coast.

For founders, our expansion means greatly improved odds of startup success. As I recently told The Boston Globe, “I always loved those early company-building days where you are hustling to build critical momentum,” and the Unusual Ventures team is united by our passion for — and experience succeeding in — those early, formative days of a founder’s journey. 

With offices in Menlo Park, San Francisco, and now Boston, we aim to be the best partner to talented seed-stage software founders through in-depth support and collaboration from people who’ve been there before. We deploy a founder engagement and support model with staggering depth, built around a repeatable method for finding product-market fit. Our expert operators don’t just offer advice, they do the work alongside founders, embedding within the startup for months at a time to do the day-to-day strategic and tactical work that founders need as they build their companies. 

So, if you’re a founder or operator and want to connect, please drop me a line. Along with the opening of our new office, we’ll also be hosting events for the local startup community in the future. You can find us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and join our newsletter for the best way to get connected with all of our upcoming events and resources.

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