March 12, 2020

Ride Report — Bridging the Gap in Micromobility

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Ride Report — Bridging the Gap in MicromobilityRide Report — Bridging the Gap in Micromobility
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Today, Unusual Ventures is thrilled to announce we have partnered with Ride Report to deepen its commitment to helping cities deliver on their goals of providing safe, equitable, and environmentally sustainable transportation options via a complete micromobility management toolset. We are pleased to lead their $10M Series A round in partnership with Homebrew, Urban Innovation Fund, and several other investors.

Ride Report gives cities the data and tools they need to introduce new forms of transportation, like bikes, scooters, and a growing list of new ways to get around. By working with cities and mobility operators, Ride Report bridges the gap that has historically existed between the two. Founded in 2015 to help cities think differently about how to create viable, environmentally efficient travel, Ride Report has become a must-have service to quickly scale new forms of transportation by giving cities the data and insights they need to intelligently adopt these new technologies.

Domestic cities, such as Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas, and international cities in countries like New Zealand, trust Ride Report because they provide the highest quality data in a format that protects personal privacy. Based on this data, city officials can make the best decisions for their citizens and adopt new mobility options at a pace that meets their city’s needs and goals. As a result, many of the leading micromobility operators also choose to work directly with Ride Report to simplify the process of being approved to operate in a city.

That gets to the core of what Ride Report is about and their belief in the future of mobility — that operators and cities will increasingly work together to help the industry grow. Cooperation will happen for the sake of our environment, it will improve access and mobility in dense urban environments, and it will lead to mutually beneficial outcomes for cities and mobility operators.

In less than a year, Ride Report has seen traction globally with over 60 cities adopting its platform. Ride Report’s Founder and CEO William Henderson is an experienced product builder. One of the first 15 employees at Square, William led their consumer products division. Prior to Square, he was an engineer at Apple. His background has prepared him for creating top-tier consumer products for cities that need to quickly innovate but still abide by strict rules. For William, solving urban transportation challenges in service of improving everyone’s overall quality of life — while minimizing our impact on the environment — is a deeply personal passion and something he’s been dedicated to since moving on from Square.

The mobility market will have its ups and downs, but we’re betting on the long-term vision and believe that Ride Report is the team to get behind. Congratulations to William and the rest of the Ride Report Team!

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