May 13, 2021

Unusual Participates in $12M Series A in BluBracket: Securing Code in a Software-Driven World

John Vrionis
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Unusual Participates in $12M Series A in BluBracket: Securing Code in a Software-Driven WorldUnusual Participates in $12M Series A in BluBracket: Securing Code in a Software-Driven World
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Editor's note: 

As code continues to be a central corporate asset and a growing attack surface in the enterprise, the demand for code security solutions has dramatically increased. Today, Unusual Ventures is pleased to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with BluBracket to help accelerate its lead in code security. We are thrilled to participate in the company’s $12M Series A financing in partnership with Evolution Equity, Point72 Ventures, SignalFire, and Firebolt Ventures.

BluBracket, the first comprehensive security solution for code in the enterprise, empowers developers to prevent security vulnerabilities early in the software development process and gives security professionals an automated and developer-friendly way to ensure code is secure. BluBracket’s co-founders, Prakash Linga and Ajay Arora, are seasoned security experts and understood very early on that no security solution will be viable if developers won’t use it and the need to build a platform that will enable the enterprise to keep code secure without harming developer workflow or productivity. 

In a little over a year (and during a pandemic!), BluBracket has risen quickly from its launch as one of the youngest startups named to the prestigious RSA Innovation Sandbox and has achieved significant milestones. In addition to the RSA Innovation Sandbox, BluBracket has been named to multiple lists of the top DevSecOps tools available in the market. The team also introduced its BluBracket Community Edition—a completely free way for developers and engineers to detect and prevent secrets in code—and have already seen widespread adoption. BluBracket is helping secure code and pipelines for thousands of developers across dozens of companies, such as iHerb, with its suite of products.  

In today’s digital economy, code is everywhere, driving advances in virtually every industry from healthcare to financial services to consumer products. Unusual is committed to backing the next generation of successful security companies and we believe the BluBracket team is the right team to lead the charge in this important new category. Congratulations to Prakash, Ajay, and the entire BluBracket Team!

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