October 14, 2020

Vivun—Empowering Presales Teams to be the Heroes of the Enterprise

John Vrionis
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Vivun—Empowering Presales Teams to be the Heroes of the EnterpriseVivun—Empowering Presales Teams to be the Heroes of the Enterprise
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Editor's note: 

Today, Unusual Ventures is excited to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with portfolio company Vivun to further execute on its mission of unlocking the strategic potential of presales in the enterprise. We are thrilled to participate in the company’s $18M Series A financing in partnership with Accel.

Vivun, the creator of the first software platform specifically designed for presales teams, Hero by Vivun, transforms the way B2B companies go to market. Hero leverages the strategic potential of presales, which consists of sales engineers, solution architects, or Field CTOs— i.e. the people at a company with technical backgrounds who understand the product from the functional level and can explain the details to both the user and buyer. In addition to providing sophisticated tools for Presales management, Hero keeps product and sales teams aligned, identifies in-demand product features and automatically alerts salespeople when new product releases could bring opportunities back to life.

We first met the Vivun team after learning about the solution from the Presales team at Harness, where our Unusual co-founder Jyoti Bansal is the CEO. We were intrigued by the passion surrounding how intuitive Vivun’s product is, its ease of use, and its ability to greatly improve productivity across the entire company by unlocking the knowledge within the Presales organization. The potential and buzz around the product had our full attention, but then we met the incredibly talented management team and realized we were onto something truly unique. The five founders—Matt Darrow, John Bruce, Dominique Darrow, Claire Bruce, and Joe Miller—all brought distinct skill sets around product, operating, sales, marketing, and artificial intelligence to the table. Matt and John also understood the pain they were trying to solve firsthand based on their experiences running the Presales teams at Zuora and SignalFx. It was clear to the Unusual Team that the Vivun Team was creating an exciting new market opportunity and there were no other products out there quite like it.

Since the Unusual team made the seed investment in Vivun and began working with the team less than a year ago, we have witnessed tremendous progress. Vivun has cultivated 600% growth in ARR and doubled their customer base, including enterprise customers like Autodesk, Dell SecureWorks, and Okta. The Vivun team has also tripled in size adding notable positions to scale the company, such as a VP of Sales and a VP of Marketing. As if these updates don’t speak for themselves, the team is also a joy to work with, humble, and incredibly hard working—important attributes the Unusual team looks for in our portfolio partners.

We believe the Vivun team is onto something special and are carving out a new category. The Unusual team is excited to tackle the next leg of the journey with Team Vivun and are excited to see what’s in store, as this is certainly just the beginning. Onward!

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