November 26, 2019

Vivun — Unleashing the Power of Presales in the Enterprise

John Vrionis
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Vivun — Unleashing the Power of Presales in the EnterpriseVivun — Unleashing the Power of Presales in the Enterprise
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Editor's note: 

Today, Unusual Ventures is excited to announce that we have partnered with Vivun to execute on its mission of unlocking the strategic potential of Presales. We are thrilled to lead the company’s $3M seed round.

Vivun, the creator of the world’s first software for Presales teams, Hero by Vivun, transforms the way B2B tech companies go to market. Hero taps into the potential of Presales, which typically consists of the sales engineers, solution architects, or Field CTOs — essentially the people at a company with technical backgrounds who understand the product from a functional level who can explain the details to the user and buyer. The power of Hero lies in its ability to keep product and sales teams aligned, improving product-market fit, accelerating deals in flight, and capturing dormant sources of revenue.

We were introduced to Vivun after learning about the solution from the Presales team at Harness, where our Unusual co-founder Jyoti Bansal is the CEO. The passion was palpable over how intuitive Vivun’s product is, its ease of use, and its ability to greatly improve productivity across the entire Harness organization. The feedback from the Harness team certainly had our attention and then the talented management team blew us away. The four founders — Matt Darrow, John Bruce, Dominique Darrow, and Claire Bruce — all brought different skill sets around product, operating, sales, and marketing to the table. They were also authentic as both Matt and John previously ran Presales teams at Zuora and SignalFx and understood the pain firsthand. It was clear that there’s no product quite like Vivun out there that is specifically designed for Presales teams, creating an exciting new market opportunity.

Team Unusual has been working closely with Vivun over the past few months as they have participated in Unusual Academy and engaged with our GAP Team. Throughout Unusual Academy, they have been wonderful to work with. They’re humble, they show up, they work hard, they learn fast, and they have already put into practice the tools they have been exposed to. On the GAP side, we’ve helped them hire a number of key employees, improved their messaging, and helped build up their sales process and outreach to become industrial strength. They have also expanded their product from into other channels, such as browser extensions and mobile apps, while also building out integrations to systems like Jira and Github. Even more impressive, at their early stage, they are working with Presales teams on a global scale across a wide range of companies, including startups and publicly traded companies such as SignalFx (now Splunk), Flexera, and Xactly.

We believe the Vivun team has a bright future ahead of them and are well on their way to creating a new category. This is just the beginning and we’re honored to be partners with them on this journey.

Congratulations to Matt, John, Dominique, and Claire! Onward!

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