February 10, 2021

Our Continued Partnership with Vivun

John Vrionis
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Our Continued Partnership with VivunOur Continued Partnership with Vivun
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Editor's note: 

Vivun: Unlocking the Power of PreSales for the Enterprise

Two years ago, Team Unusual partnered with the founders of Vivun to lead the Seed financing and build the first software platform for unlocking the power of PreSales. After joining forces with our friends at Accel on the Series A just four short months ago, we are thrilled to triple down on this team and participate in the company’s $35M Series B financing in partnership with Menlo Ventures and Accel, alongside new investors Salesforce Ventures and Atlassian Ventures.

Vivun is the first software platform dedicated to PreSales (also called sales engineering or sales consulting)—the team that sits at the intersection of product and sales, coordinating technical implementations and working side-by-side with the customer. Vivun captures customer feedback the moment PreSales receives it, using AI to cluster it, prioritize it, and tie it back to opportunities and revenue. Vivun essentially gives product teams a North Star, guiding what features and new products to develop and when, with data to support each decision. That means teams are able to iterate on their product and find product-market fit faster -- regardless of whether the team works for a startup for a mature, public enterprise.

We first learned about Vivun from the PreSales team at Harness, an Unusual portfolio company founded by Unusual co-founder Jyoti Bansal. The Harness team’s passion for the Vivun product was undeniable. As Harness’ Field CTO Nick Durkin put it, 

“We finally have the data to make the product changes that truly impact revenue. Do you make one product change that affects a $200K deal, or deliver an enhancement that affects 20 smaller deals worth $2M? Vivun gives us these answers.”

While the customer excitement was obvious, it was the caliber of the founding team that blew us away. Matt Darrow, John Bruce, Dominique Darrow, Claire Bruce, and Joseph Miller all bring different skill sets around product, operating, sales, and marketing. Matt and John previously ran PreSales teams at Zuora and SignalFx and understood the pain firsthand. That authentic founding vision and the resounding customer feedback were clear signs that Vivun was onto something big.

Since we doubled down in Vivun’s Series A round just four short months ago, the team has made tremendous strides. It’s no surprise they’ve attracted further investment given their fearless execution. The latest financing comes as Vivun caps a year of rapid progress, growing its ARR by 600% and doubling its customer base with notable new customers including Autodesk, Okta, Cloudera, and Dell. The Vivun team has also tripled in size, adding a VP of Sales and a VP of Marketing to help scale the organization. As if these milestones don’t speak for themselves, the team has a rare combination of skills, humility, and unparalleled work ethic.

We know it’s still just the beginning for this team and their ambitious vision to create a brand new category. We’re honored to strengthen our partnership with Vivun and excited for the road ahead. Congratulations to the entire Vivun team. 



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