To be world-class requires focus

There’s an enormous opportunity to raise the bar on what seed-stage investors provide for early-stage founders. We only work with a limited number of portfolio companies so you can get the focused attention you need at this critical stage of development.

About Unusual Ventures

Unusual Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm designed from the ground up to give a distinct advantage to founders building infrastructure software and application-level companies. Unusual was founded in 2018 with the mission to reinvent the venture capital engagement model by serving entrepreneurs with an unprecedented level of hands-on services.

Described as a partner versus a top-down stakeholder by its portfolio companies, Unusual is laser-focused on serving exceptional founders and teams building innovative products. With offices in Menlo Park, San Francisco, and Boston, Unusual has invested in category-defining companies like Arctic Wolf Networks, Carta, Robinhood, Harness, and Vivun.

An authentic beginning

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John and Jyoti started Unusual Ventures by reconsidering everything about seed-stage investing born from their experience as a long-time investor and serial entrepreneur. From a place of empathy, they started Unusual Ventures to provide a full range of seed-stage services that are specifically designed to meet the needs of early-stage companies.

A mission-driven firm

We are committed to building a firm that is uncompromising in its values—integrity, honesty, diversity, and humility—and to driving innovation in the traditional venture ecosystem.

1. Focus on seed stage

We believe to be the best you need to specialize. We are selective in the number of portfolio companies we work with at one time. This lets us give hands on attention to your specific needs throughout this entire stage.

2. Do the work other investors avoid

Where other venture capital firms come in at Series A or B when you already have demonstrated product market fit and traction, we’re in the trenches with you at the beginning to guide you through the most difficult part of your journey. Our work builds a strong foundation for your future success.

3. Support socially conscious LPs

We work with Limited Partners that represent inspiring causes like foundations, endowments, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and health-related institutions. In the end, you create wealth for causes that matter.

The biggest question in my mind during our Seed round was, can we partner with a firm who can provide the operational support and mentorship we need to become elite entrepreneurs? Unusual answered ‘yes’ to that question completely.

Jared Parker
Co-Founder & CEO
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Unusual has been one of the best partners in my career as an entrepreneur. They are helpful in all aspects of starting and growing a business. Many investors present themselves as getting in the trenches with you, but in my experience it’s very rare.

Brian NeSmith
Co-Founder and CEO
Arctic Wolf
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The amount of help we received across marketing, recruiting, and sales was astounding. I didn't expect so much time and effort to be dedicated to helping us.

Karthik Viswanathan
Co-Founder and CTO
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