July 27, 2021

Automating and Scaling Inside Sales Teams—Our Series A in Orum

John Vrionis
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Automating and Scaling Inside Sales Teams—Our Series A in OrumAutomating and Scaling Inside Sales Teams—Our Series A in Orum
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Editor's note: 

Today, Unusual Ventures is thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with Orum to help accelerate its vision of automating outbound sales activities. We are pleased to participate in the company’s $25M Series A in partnership with Craft Ventures.

Orum, the AI platform that takes the grunt work out of securing live conversations with prospects, has carved out a unique role in the next-generation sales stack. While the SDR role is a core piece of the Modern GTM, encompassing more than 38% of Sales/Marketing teams, it is highly labor-intensive and inefficient, requiring large headcounts to scale effectively. SDRs are forced to manually dial the phone, yielding on average only 3 opportunities from more than 100 calls. By using AI to detect when a prospect answers the phone, Orum can use Natural Language Processing and custom telephony technology to dial up to 10 numbers at once, and integrates with cadence management platforms to help reps prepare for the interaction, placing SDRs in front of prospects faster than any other solution. With Orum’s technology, SDRs can have 5–10x more conversations per day, equating to a massive increase in revenue for enterprise companies without the need to increase headcount.

Since our original seed investment in the Orum Team, they’ve taken a holistic approach via the Modern GTM, which has helped accelerate user adoption and sales growth. In little over a year, Orum has experienced a 290% increase in enterprise customers and a 380% annual recurring revenue. Working closely with Unusual’s Get Ahead Platform Team (GAP)— Unusual’s team of world class operators, who embed within a portfolio company as contributing, tactical team members—the team made some key hires, including a VP of Engineering, VP of Customer Success, Lead Designer, and scaled from 6 to 30 employees. The GAP Team also partnered with Orum to launch their website and freemium product. By making heavy investments into customer success and product, the Orum Team released a free version of the technology and the ability to automatically navigate dial-by-name directories—a frustrating and time consuming part in the daily life of a sales rep. 

As sales teams continue to invest in automation technology to scale and enable companies to reach profitability, we believe Orum’s market opportunity will only continue to grow. We’re excited for the road ahead for the Orum Team and are honored to be partners with them.

Congratulations to Jason, Karthik, and the entire Orum Team!


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