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The classic founder to investor engagement model is broken. Founders need more than advice. They need builders—experienced operators that do the work alongside them to help hire, sell, and message. That’s the Get Ahead Platform. Our world-class team of marketing, sales, recruiting, community, and education leaders, on loan to you full time.

Scott Schwarzhoff
Operating Partner
Bill Hodak
Marketing Partner
Liam H. Mulcahy
Director, Sales GTM
Jon Volk
Director of Talent

In the trenches with you

We created the Get Ahead Platform because we wanted our founders to have access to the best marketing, sales, and recruiting resources that are so essential early on, but impossible to find or afford as a new startup founder.

Recruit founding team

How do you convince a highly-paid, skilled engineer or technical candidate to leave their cozy job and join your team? We’ll take care of recruiting end-to-end to build a team that is excited about your mission, your culture, and roles that are rewarding.

We're in the trenches until your team is hired

Provide onsite support

We come onsite and immerse ourselves in your culture by working side-by-side with you throughout the entire process from outreach through interview and close.

Source qualified candidates

We build effective job descriptions by aligning on your culture and the ideal candidate profile, then evaluating every word to make sure it attracts the right candidate.

Interview elite candidates

We will set up the interview process, the topics to cover, and strategies to ensure a great candidate experience

Close the deal

We stay in touch with the candidate from first outreach, all the way through offer extension to ensure the candidate signs with your company.

We grew Banyan Security from a team of 4 to 15 in 6 months.

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Tell your story

How do you create a winning story that sells early customers, investors, and employees?  We’ll craft a compelling narrative with you that resonates deeply with your target audience and then turn that story into assets for your team to use in your selling efforts, including a customer meeting deck, website, and other key deliverables.

We're in the trenches with you to create a customer-validated story

Identify target audiences

We help you identify and profile beachhead target segments. We focus on your most important audiences and identify what urgent problem will most resonate with them.

Craft a compelling story

Great customer stories answer three ‘Why’ questions. Why buy anything? Why buy now? Why buy your company? We’ll help you answer these questions so you have a story that sells.

Test your messaging

We ensure no message launches without customer validation. We organize focus groups and teach you how to present your ideas and products to best test the messaging.

Create go-to-market deliverables

We build your customer meeting presentation, website, and other initial go-to-market deliverables.

"We learned how important it was to shift our customer story from 'what' we do to 'why' a customer should buy from us."

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Sell early customers

How do you find your first prospects and then get them excited about your product? We build an outbound sales program for you that will get you in front of the right customer prospects, produce high-quality leads, and close your first customers.

We’re in the trenches with you to land your first 5-10 customers

Line up prospects

We set up customer validation meetings and get them on your calendar so you can start learning from prospects right away.

Prepare to pitch

We help craft your outreach message. We test several messages to ensure that you provide a crisp statement of the pain and value proposition.

Close your first customers

We’ll provide real-time feedback and suggestions in the background to win you important customers and improve your skills.

Refine sales strategy

We create a channel to organize customer feedback. This builds a learning loop to improve outreach effectiveness and gather voice of the customer feedback.

We enabled Styra to close the initial customers needed for a successful Series A.

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Negotiate with vendors

How can you grow your business if the day to day tasks consume all your time? We’ll help you optimize your back office so you can free up time to focus on the most important things. From the best efficiency applications to quality vendors, you’ll feel a weight lifted on your day-to-day responsibilities.

We’re in the trenches with you for 4-8 weeks

Source best in class vendors

We find top HR, accounting, and immigration vendors based on your requirements.

Negotiate agreements

We have pre-negotiated rates and terms for standard vendors you’ll work with.

We provided Shujinko with 40 pre-screened, cost-effective vendors that have been used for everything from executive recruiting to website development.

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Invest in yourself
All of these Get Ahead services are offered at a subsidized price, at a fraction of what it would cost to hire these experts onto your team, or as a consultant. You know you need the support, and the sooner we can help, the more impact we can have on your startup.

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