June 24, 2021

Delivering the Feature Store for Cloud Native Databases—Our Series A in Rasgo

John Vrionis
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Delivering the Feature Store for Cloud Native Databases—Our Series A in RasgoDelivering the Feature Store for Cloud Native Databases—Our Series A in Rasgo
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Editor's note: 

Today, Unusual Ventures is thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with Rasgo to help accelerate its vision of transforming how data scientists engineer, collaborate on, and operationalize Machine Learning (ML). We are pleased to participate in the company’s $20M Series A round in partnership with Insight Partners.

Rasgo, the Feature Store for Cloud Native Databases, amplifies the impact of data science by enabling end users to explore, clean, join, and transform data into highly curated ML features at 10x velocity. The need for AI has grown significantly and is predicted to snowball in the next few years, reaching a $190.61 market value in 2025. This increased need is why firms like Markets and Markets anticipate the data prep industry will be worth upwards of $3.9 billion by the end of this year alone. Before Rasgo, Data Scientists were spending 80% of their time on menial tasks, such as collecting, cleaning, and organizing data. By enabling data scientists to access and transform data into highly curated ML features, Rasgo is empowering its customers to deploy models into production in minutes, not weeks—and ultimately, could help save billions of dollars.

When the Unusual Team first met Rasgo’s Co-Founders, Patrick Dougherty and Jared Parker, we were immediately impressed with the combination of skill sets and experiences they brought to the table. Through his background as a data science consultant, Patrick implemented machine learning models at dozens of clients and was able to see the issues that data scientists face across many organizations. Meanwhile, Jared sold data science and ML solutions and brought the Go-To-Market (GTM) chops to the team that complimented Patrick’s technical acumen. Jared and Patrick’s overall vision and approach to creating a more accessible solution compatible with modern data warehouses also really stood out to competitor solutions.

From day one of our partnership with the Rasgo Team, their humility and hunger to learn has stood out to Team Unusual. Strong advocates of the Unusual Method, specifically the Field Guide and Get Ahead Platform (GAP) Team, Jared and Patrick immediately went to work to make strides in various areas of the company. In partnership with the Unusual GAP Team, they hired six people, released the initial version of their product, and launched their corporate messaging and website in under 90 days. Since our original investment, they’ve also added global enterprise customers across finance, manufacturing, biotech, retail, and alternative energy. Their free feature engineering experience, PyRasgo, has also already generated over 70,000 downloads.

As the amount of data will only continue to grow in today’s digital economy, we believe Rasgo will help redefine data scientists’ capabilities. We’re excited for the journey ahead for Rasgo and are humbled to be their partners along the way.

Congratulations to Jared, Patrick, and the entire Rasgo Team!


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