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StackRox: Wei Lien Dang on riding tech stack tailwinds

StackRox is a security startup born in 2015. After many initial setbacks, StackRox went on to become a leader in container security, riding the Kubernetes wave and helping cloud-native companies secure their software. Wei Lien Dang joins us today to discuss how StackRox found product-market fit. Wei Lien Dang is a General Partner at Unusual Ventures. Before joining the venture capital firm, Wei was the Co-Founder of StackRox. StackRox became one of the first startups in the container security world to offer a Kubernetes-native solution and in 2021, was acquired by Red Hat. Join us as we discuss: 1. What drew Wei to StackRox and his transition from being a product executive to a founder? 2. StackRox’s product-market fit journey and the indicators that they had found product-market fit after their pivot. 3. How did StackRox define its product strategy? 4. How StackRox leveraged open source as a critical part of its go-to-market strategy and Wei’s advice for founders going open source.

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