September 21, 2022

Investing in Dopt

Sandhya Hegde
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Investing in DoptInvesting in Dopt
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Editor's note: 

We are delighted to share that Unusual Ventures is a Day 0 investor in Dopt — the modern adoption platform every growth team will use.

Consumers of software have made their preference clear for a few years now — they want software that’s incredibly easy to adopt and learn. We want simple checklists to help us get oriented and started. We want contextual cues that point us to the right features or keyboard shortcuts to save time. We don’t want to see and dismiss multiple messages every time we log into your product. 

For dev teams that need to ship the experience, there is a hard choice early in their evolution - hire multiple additional builders focused on growth, or implement a tacky 3rd party onboarding tour software and call your product self-serve. 

Most companies building challenging tech can’t afford to do the former so they end up doing the latter for onboarding which comes with the many trade-offs listed here. The immediate challenge is that you make a bad first impression on every user getting started. The long term challenge is that your onboarding experience works around your own engineering team rather than through them. The effort they put into better UX deeper in the product doesn’t help because most users aren’t making it there. As a direct result of both, your self-serve motion doesn’t result in a good conversion rate; you invest even less in improving it - eventually writing off your hopes to be a product-led business. 

With Dopt, you now have a new choice. A developer-first adoption platform that gives leverage to your product development team — helping them ship a great new self-serve experience in hours rather than months. All with your own UI components, your own customer data and with complete control and scalability. No compromises. 

When I met the Dopt team — Alon, Phil, and Joe — I realized that they were the perfect founders to solve this problem. Having led growth design, product, and engineering at companies like Dropbox, Amplitude, Productboard and Patreon they have lived and solved this challenge in many forms. Their passion and authenticity to help every product development team build for growth comes through in each decision they make. 

We are also excited to partner with some amazing angel investors in Dopt — founders and executives from Airtable, Pagerduty, Segment, Postman, Productboard, and Amplitude as well as the Designer Fund.

It’s time to help make every software product self-serve. Let’s go!  

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