March 25, 2021

Unleashing Deep Collaboration for Engineering Teams — Our Seed in CoScreen

John Vrionis
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Unleashing Deep Collaboration for Engineering Teams — Our Seed in CoScreenUnleashing Deep Collaboration for Engineering Teams — Our Seed in CoScreen
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Editor's note: 

Today, we at Unusual Ventures are thrilled to announce we have partnered with the CoScreen team to support their mission to help engineering teams collaborate better. We are pleased to lead the company's $4.6 million seed investment, with participation from Jason Warner (CTO of GitHub and Venture Partner at Unusual), and Anthony Goldbloom (CEO of Kaggle).

With the global pandemic and broader shift to distributed teams, remote teams are facing new challenges overcoming breakdowns in communication and constant distractions. In particular, engineers are both increasingly reliant on technology to do their jobs and underserved by the options in the market given the complexity of their work, with nearly one-third of software developers (31%) reporting that working during a pandemic has made them less productive. CoScreen combats the drop in remote team productivity by enabling multiple team members to deeply collaborate in a secure and seamless way. Instead of offering remote teams another channel to simply talk about work, CoScreen’s platform empowers agile teams to collaborate and seamlessly edit each other’s projects in real time.  

When we first learned about CoScreen, we were impressed by the quality of the team and the authenticity of their vision. Max, Jason, and Till understood firsthand the unique challenges agile teams face, and designed CoScreen to make their own lives easier as engineers and product builders. It’s been impressive to see how ahead of the curve they were with betting on the need for better remote collaboration and tools to support the growing wave of distributed engineering teams. 

I am personally excited about this product. I recently tried the first public beta for macOS and Windows and am committed to using it daily for team meetings, group presentations and brainstorming sessions, and helping my mother with her photo albums and general IT needs! I am not alone here. Despite being in private beta until today, the CoScreen team has made tremendous progress, closing notable customers like Okta, Publicis Sapient, Ripple, and SAP that rely on their product to power daily engineering workflows. 

The mass migration to remote work environments initiated by the pandemic has created a tremendous opportunity to better serve the needs of distributed teams that rely on technology platforms, not just for communication but to bring new levels of efficiency and engagement to virtual collaboration. We’re confident that CoScreen’s seamless platform combined with the founding team’s deep enterprise experience will soon make it the favorite tool of remote engineering teams and people everywhere working virtually to collaborate.

Congratulations Till, Jason, Max, and the entire CoScreen team! 



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