May 13, 2020

Announcing the Unusual Guide for Raising Seed and Series A Capital

Announcing the Unusual Guide for Raising Seed and Series A CapitalAnnouncing the Unusual Guide for Raising Seed and Series A Capital
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Editor's note: 

Today, we are excited to publish our most recent module in the Unusual Field Guide: The Unusual Guide for Raising Seed and Series A Capital. For every entrepreneur, fundraising is a wild journey full of unexpected twists and turns. At the same time, it is a skill that can and must be learned. Ultimately, to build a startup into an enduring, valuable company, it’s a requirement to successfully execute the fundraising process multiple times.

Jyoti and I started Unusual to reinvent the venture capital experience for early stage founders and provide an unfair advantage in every way. Decoding the most critical processes founders need to successfully execute and providing a step by step insider’s guide is one of the core objectives of The Unusual Method. We’ve taken our collective experiences as an investor and successful founder, our obsessive study of the best practices of other master practitioners, and we’ve packaged everything and made it available to every founder through our Unusual Field Guide.  

Our new fundraising guide is a cornerstone module for our Field Guide. We’ve shared all we’ve learned over the years about the fundraising process from our own experiences, other successful founders, and premier venture capitalists, including:

  • A set of easy to follow steps with the intention of empowering founders to capitalize on the lessons learned. 
  • An explanation of how the best entrepreneurs break down a startup’s journey into intermediate goals and organize their fundraising efforts. 
  • A detailed process to follow on how to set up investor meetings and how to manage the process from first meeting to closing the deal. 
  • A slide by slide outline complete with explanations and objectives for each part of an ideal investor pitch deck.

As a founder or CEO, job #1 is to make sure your business has the capital it needs to succeed and that requires mastering the ability to compel the best investors to join you.  We hope you will dive into our Unusual Fundraising Guide and share any feedback you have. Please follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and subscribe to our newsletter for future modules.  


Read The Unusual Guide for Raising Seed and Series A Capital for best practices about the fundraising process

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