December 8, 2020

Unusual Ventures Welcomes Sandhya Hegde

John Vrionis
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Unusual Ventures Welcomes Sandhya HegdeUnusual Ventures Welcomes Sandhya Hegde
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Editor's note: 

Today we are extremely proud to introduce Sandhya Hegde as our newest Partner and member of Team Unusual

We are three years into our mission of building a new venture firm that provides an unprecedented level of service and support for Seed stage founders and represents a new standard in the venture industry for integrity and purpose. While every day building a new company is significant, adding a Partner of Sandhya’s caliber is a truly momentous event for us. Sandhya immediately raises the bar in terms of Unusual’s ability to serve early-stage founders. Her experiences as a VC, founder, and accomplished startup executive along with her humility and strong set of values made her the perfect fit. Sandhya will be joining our investment team as a Partner on the enterprise team with a special focus on SaaS applications.

When Jyoti and I started Unusual Ventures, we felt it simply wasn’t enough for an early stage venture firm to offer founders advice and introductions, and to generate exceptional investment returns for just any Limited Partner.  Instead, we set out to build a deep engagement model unlike anything in the industry, assemble a team of world class, empathetic operators to work full time alongside founders, and create significant value for an investor base that is the leading the charge when it comes to improving education, healthcare and diversity.  

Sandhya makes Team Unusual stronger. We connected over our shared belief that early-stage founders needed and deserved more from their investment partners. She shares our passion for serving founders in the early years in a way no other firm does. Her experience working at world-class VC firms Sequoia Capital and Khosla Ventures as well as her operational knowledge gained as a founder gives her a unique edge when it comes to connecting with founders. Most recently, she was fortunate to have worn many hats across product, growth, marketing and inside sales on the way to shaping every part of Amplitude and its journey from single to triple digit $Ms in revenue. We love that while at Amplitude she was able to help define the new category of product analytics and position the company upmarket to become an enterprise leader. These lessons learned will translate to incredible help and perspective with the next generation of founders we aspire to partner with at Unusual.

Sandhya will join us in building out Unusual’s enterprise practice as well as Unusual Academy. She will focus on SaaS applications and is specifically interested in how video and customer data can be used to up level design, marketing, and sales with the right new web and ML technology. 

We couldn’t be more proud to add Sandhya to the Unusual Team and are excited to see what she will bring to the table not only for Unusual’s founders, but for the overall venture ecosystem. 


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