Spark your product vision

Turn your dream into the next great startup with insight from experienced builders, support from an active founder community, and pre-seed investment up to $2M.

Starter capital

Receive up to $2M of initial pre-seed funding to get you from sketch to working prototype.

Strategic expertise

Work closely with leading experts at Unusual, including 1:1 working sessions to refine your idea and build your team.

Founder community

Access a quality network of early-stage product builders with whom to share ideas, challenges, and best practices.

Run with your idea

Unusual Spark is structured to provide the kind of pre-seed support you want from leading experts, without the cookie-cutter fellowship experience.

From day one, Unusual deeply believed in our mission. They’re always willing to go the extra mile to help our company in any way we need. Sarah and the Unusual crew have truly been allies to our entire team.

Stella Han
How we go the extra mile

For founders with the right spark

Unusual Spark is for pre-seed consumer or enterprise product builders with vision, passion, and talent.

You might be a good fit if you have:

Observed emerging consumer or enterprise behavior that isn’t being addressed by existing products in the market.


Sketched out the product idea or maybe even built a prototype with your potential co-founder.


Considered bootstrapping, but would rather partner with people who have built successful products and companies.

Getting started is one of the hardest parts of starting a company. Unusual excels at converting ‘potential’ founders into real ones and helping them evolve that initial spark into a scalable venture.

Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Kwon
Hear how Alex got started

Join an exceptional community of builders

Create meaningful connections and explore your idea alongside an incredible group of founders in the early stages of building their consumer or enterprise startups.

A former CPO of Slack, now on a mission to empower local businesses.

A former product builder at Samsung, now reimagining the remote work experience.

A former director of engineering at Starbucks, now helping companies navigate SOC-2 compliance.

A former founder and engineer at Oracle, now helping financial analysts turn data into insights.

A former product builder at Citizen, now making something new.

A former product builder at Superhuman and Uber, now making something new.

A former product builder at Robinhood and Coinbase, now making something new.

A former product builder at Affirm, now making something new.

A former product builder at YikYak and Loom, now connecting people through content.

Build out your toolkit

Blog Post

Leverage Unusual Spark as a lightweight, quick investment decision so you can ramp up fast and hit the ground running.

Field Guide

Explore how to build conviction in an idea, choose your co-founders, raise capital and set the right foundation for your company.

Pre-seed tool

Check yourself, your potential co-founders, your product, and market before you start your company.

Have an idea for the next great startup?