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Haley Daiber

Senior Associate

Haley Daiber is a Senior Associate at Unusual Ventures focused on building out and supporting Unusual’s enterprise portfolio. Prior to her time at Unusual, Haley worked full-time as a CPA at Ernst & Young (EY) in her hometown of Austin, Texas (greatest city ever, according to Haley). As a Senior Assurance Associate at EY, Haley led the financial statement audits of key public technology companies, primarily in the semiconductor industry. Knowing that climbing the corporate ladder at EY wasn’t her goal, she decided to go back to school to further pursue entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School to help her iterate on a consumer networking app she co-founded with her mom, Forget-Me-Not. While there, Haley was selected for Harvard Innovation Lab’s Venture Incubation Program, the inaugural cohort of HBS Startup Bootcamp, and co-founded the Whisky, Bourbon, Spirits Society. Haley holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a MPA and BBA in Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin.

Why Unusual?

I’m genuinely curious about technology and people, both of which venture combines. With that in mind, I always found venture appealing, but I didn’t love the culture of the industry. When I met John and learned about what he wanted to build at Unusual, it was clear that I would not only get a chance to help shape the culture of our firm, but that Unusual would strive through its mission to change the overall culture of the industry. Then when I met everyone in Unusual’s orbit, I knew it wasn’t just words.


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