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Shujinko— Simplifying, Automating, and Modernizing Audit Preparation

Shujinko— Simplifying, Automating, and Modernizing Audit Preparation

John Vrionis
October 13, 2020
Editor's note: 

Compliance audits are painful, manual, and time-consuming, yet are critical business processes. Though audits happen year after year, research shows more than 70% of CISOs are struggling through the process due to poor tools, conflicting priorities, limited resources, and now, in the era of COVID-19, remote management. Today, Unusual portfolio company, Shujinko, is continuing to pioneer the automated audit preparation process with the launch of two critical products: AuditX™ and the industry's first Automated Evidence Collection Engine on the AuditX platform.

By launching the AuditX platform, Shujinko is reinventing audit preparation, evidence collection, and readiness with purpose-built software. Specifically:

  • AuditX simplifies, automates, and modernizes enterprise audit preparation
  • Makes audit preparation 3x faster, simpler, and delivers 360 degree visibility
  • Eliminates the current painful, manual, and time consuming process that still relies on shared spreadsheets, scripts, back and forth email, etc.

Customers like Delta Dental, Oomnitza, mParticle, Kloudio, and independent audit firm partners are already seeing the value of the AuditX platform. Here’s what Erin Coburn, Director of Cybersecurity Delta Dental of Washington, had to say about the value of the AuditX platform: "The first pass at SOC 2 compliance is always the hardest, and Shujinko offered guidance on both engineering best practice and the cloud compliance particulars. Without a tool like AuditX, we would have had to deprioritize SOC 2 compliance because it just wouldn't have been achievable given the volume of work on our plates."

The second piece of Shujinko’s product announcement is their Automated Evidence Collection Engine on the AuditX platform, which automatically crawls and collects evidence directly from AWS and Azure cloud native infrastructures. With the push of a button, Shujinko’s Automated Evidence Collection Engine collects technical evidence, including encryption of data at rest, encryption key management, network segmentation and configuration, and provides the results in a formatted .pdf report. The engine’s extensible, scalable, and robust architecture automates security and compliance to match the speed and iterative nature of modern cloud development. By automating these activities, valuable engineers and DevOps resources are freed up to work on critical priorities versus spending time manually capturing screenshots for audit preparation.

Shujinko’s Co-Founders, Scott Schwan and Matt Wells, keenly understand how painful cloud compliance audits can be, as they worked to solve this issue for Starbucks, an early adopter of the cloud. The Unusual Team believes they are the right team to solve this compliance issue and are one step closer to achieving their vision of automating the painful audit process with these key product innovations. 

Congratulations to Scott, Matt, and the Shujinko team! Onward!

Read more about Shujinko’s AuditX™ and  the industry's first Automated Evidence Collection Engine on the AuditX platform from Shujinko's Co-Founders, Scott Schwan and Matt Wells